4 September 2017

Secondary School Academic Awards Ceremony by Anoushka Nalwa- Grade 12

One event that every student looks forward to is the annual awards ceremony that takes place in August, just after school reopens from the summer break. A tradition at our school, the ceremony is held to award all those students who have performed exceedingly well in the previous academic year.  

Students from grades 9 and above, who had topped their grades, were given scholarships from school.  Apart from this, the two awards that were presented, were the proficiency and the merit
awards, which are also awarded for academic excellence. A more holistic "effort" award is given to the students who have shown a tremendous change in their attitude towards learning and have improved. While academic performance is awarded, our school also recognizes the fact that there may be other things that students excel at, ranging from creativity to leadership. This set of awards is called the 'Special Awards' and there are various titles awarded such as the Lifelong Learner award or the Ideal Pathwaysian. There was a lot of buzz and excitement all around, as students went up to receive their awards.

This year, the chief guest was Professor R.L. Seth, who at the beginning of the ceremony had the audience transfixed, while talking about sustainability and how there was an urgent need for change. There was also a music ensemble performed by students from grades 8-11 where they performed the Game of Throne's theme song, a complete crowd winner.