4 September 2017

Grade 4 visit to Kiran Nadar Museum by Ms. Kriti Nigam FT Gr 4

Grade 4 children visited the Kiran Nadar museum of Arts, Saket onWednesday, the 30th and Thursday, the 31st of Aug 2017.  The purpose of the visit was to identify the ways artists use mediums to convey a message. The artist in focus was Ms. Pushpalata N. They were intrigued with Ms. Puspalata N’s work. After a careful observation, they identified that the subject of all the photos was the artist herself. They also identified that the background was based on other famous paintings. Ms. Rajshree discussed the work at length and we were very happy to see children identify the symbolism in the art work. Ms. Rajshree informed the children about the real life situations that had inspired the artist.  

The trip to Kiran Nadar museum reinforced the importance of colors and symbols in conveying a message that an artist wants to put across to his or her viewers. Later, drawing inspiration from the images they saw, the children created their own art work with pencil colours. They used a collage as the medium.